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About Comprehensive Pain Management

     Comprehensive Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine was founded by Dr. Michael A. Lepis, MD, FAAPMR, FAAPM in 2002 and has been providing care to patients throughout New Jersey as well as Delaware and Pennsylvania.  We specialize in treating all painful conditions. Unlike other practices that provide multiple providers and physician extenders, our facility proudly continues the age old practice of one on one patient care. Dr. Michael A Lepis, MD is a patient focused physician who spends whatever time is needed to truly understand what you need and provides the best one-on-one care available. If you are in pain, have a loss of function, or are just tired of seeing doctor after doctor with no results, Dr. Lepis can help you.


What We Do     

     Every patient seen at our facility will be evaluated and treated only by Dr. Lepis who will review all provided diagnostic testing, reports and/or pertinent information pertaining to the patient. Dr. Lepis believes in a complete head-to-toe evaluation which requires an in depth evaluation of the patients history followed by a comprehensive physical examination focusing on all aspects of the patient’s condition and function. The patient will be provided an in depth description of all the diagnostic and physical finding with the patient being educated about their condition and a plan put in place to provide immediate pain control with the goal of providing long term resolution of the condition. All patients are treated with kindness, concern and the dignity they deserve from the beginning to the end of their visit. Dr. Lepis is available for his patients 24/7 through his office or his service and always has same day appointments for patients who need immediate care.

The Care Process


     The care we provide is always customized to the patient’s needs and prior treatment history.  Many patients present with new injuries that respond to more conservative measures such and non-opioid medications, physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care. Other patient have already exhausted these options or wish to have a more aggressive approach to deal with their issue. Regardless, before a treatment plan can begin, the source of the underlying complaint must be determined by reviewing the physical examination results, all available or requested diagnostic imagery and if required the use of interventional techniques to identify the underlying pain generator. At this point, based on what is considered the most appropriate treatment option for the condition, the patient is counseled on their available options and a treatment plan is created.


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