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Available Treatments


     Although most treatment typically involves focusing on the musculoskeletal system such as the spine (Neck , Mid back and Low back) shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. We also specialized in diagnosing and treating or when appropriate referring for treatment many painful conditions.


     These conditions include identifying undiagnosed autoimmune disorders and malignancies, osteoporosis, infections, pain with poor blood flow and circulation, neuropathic pain syndromes, failed surgery syndromes and pain after surgery despite complete and uncomplicated healing. Many chronic headache syndromes have a musculoskeletal origin and can be identified and treated successfully in a large number of cases.


     Once the patient has completed an appropriate conservative course of treatment, typically interventional pain treatment options are used to further diagnosis and resolve the underlying source of the pain or dysfunction.

     These treatments may include the injection of numbing agents, steroids or regenerative biologics into a target area to obtain resolution of the condition. Although any painful condition can be managed, the following is a list of frequently treated conditions at our facility.


          - Cervical thoracic and lumbar spine, disc degeneration, disc herniation, sciatica, radiculopathy, stenosis

          - Shoulder, Hip and Knee pain secondary to Tears/Osteoarthritis

          - Headaches / Occipital neuralgia

          - Lateral and Medial epicondylitis (Elbow pain)

          - Wrist and hand pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

          - Discogenic back pain (Treatment of painful lumbar discs)

          - Sacroiliac Joint / greater trochanter pain

          - Superior cluneal nerve pain

          - Failed neck/ back pain/ surgical hardware pain

          - Knee replacement pain/ genicular nerve treatments

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